What You Should Know About Music

Before going into the music lifestyle, they are things you should know about music. Music Is Not A Money making machine, for those that are going into music just for the money, music brings money Yes but its not a medium for you to see it as a money making machine. Music is Soul, music […]

How To Become Successful In Music

After My Previous Post On How To Keep Your Music Reputation, Here Is Another post On How To Become Successful in music. As You Know And I have Mention On This >>Post Here<< I categorized music singer into two, Talented and Non-Talented Singer. Before reading to the end of this post, please do go through […]

How To Keep Your Music Reputation

Welcome back to musicloaded Check List where you get to know more about music and the music industry. Today we are gonna be talking about how you can keep your music reputation after getting into the music industry. Getting into the music industry is kind of simple t lot of musicians but keeping the music […]

How To Become A Popular musician

Here, am Gonna show you how to become a popular musician with this step by step methods. Being a Musician is one thing but becoming a popular musician is another thing, so lets get started but before then, I have this great musician e-book I will want you to check out, its free of charge, […]

How To Make Money From Your Music

Here, I Will Show You, How You Can Make money from  your music easily with this simple methods. First, What Is music, music is a combination of sounds/instruments to form a good melody, music is the art of inspiration. They Are Different ways to make money from your music. In Old Times, People Many money […]

How To Become a Good Singer

Today I’m gonna Show You how to become a good singer. First You Have to know that singing is a great art, singing Is an inspiration from the heart, other words, singing is a self driving passion. Becoming A Good singer takes step by step, read to the end to get all details on this […]

How to become a singer

Today I’m gonna Show You how to become a singer. To Become a singer is a great thing, but first they are things you have to know before becoming a singer. Singer For me is divided into two, (Talented and Non-Talented). Talented Singer are type of singer that are most times born with the gift […]